Let's Do All We Can And Save Our Hero!!!

So, You've signed the petition and you think you're done helping out the cause to bring back Danny Phantom, right? Well you're wrong! There is o much more that you can do! On this page I will Talk about all the things you can do to help out the cause! There is ALOT that you can do so just look around and whatever you see that you can do, please do it! I need your help to bring back our favorite show! I can't do it alone!

Also if you would like more ideas about how to get DP back on the air visit http://www.wikihow.com/Take-Action-to-Get-a-Canceled-TV-Show-Back-on-the-Air as this is where I got some of my ideas for this page. And there is a video on that site for more ideas! So please visit it!

And I just thought of another idea! I didn't really know what category to put it in so I'll just stick it up here! It might sound kind of stupid, but I think it's cool! You know Nesquik right?Well what if they came out with green milk! You know green because of all the ectoplasm and green energy stuff in Danny Phantom? On the cap there could be a little DP symbol! Also, the little Nesquik rabbit could be dressed in a little Danny Phantom outfit! Wouldn't that be cute? I'd buy it! I fyou would like to call Nesquik and tell them about this idea just call 1-800-637-8536 On Monday-Friday at 8am to 8pm. Thanks!

Sign A Petition!

Tell all your friends about my website and get them to sign my petition! I need all the signatures I can get! And trust me, it is NOT easy getting signatures all by yourself! Tell EVERYONE you see about this petition! Also, Don't think that I'm the only petition out there! There are hundreds and hundreds of other petitions, you just need to find them. Just go to Google and type in Save Danny Phantom and you will get thousands and thousands of results! So sign all the petition sthat you can!

Draw A Chain!

Do you like to draw? Do you have a DevaintArt account? Well then this is the right thing for you! Some one on DeviantArt who goes by the name of Brit-Brit has thought of an awesome idea on how to help bring Danny Phantom back! Basically all you have to do is draw yourself or your fan-character, have the left hand going off the page and have the right hand grabbing a hold of the hand of the last person to sumit to the chain. You can also draw your favorite character from the show behind you if you would like, like Brit-Brit did in the picture to the right.I think that this was a very creative idea! And she has over 300 chain pictures! So if you would like more information on this then just go to her profile page on www.devaintart.com

Or if you have no idea what deviantart is feel free to message me and I will answer all of your question, or if you think you can manage just go to the site and look around a bit!

Write Some Letters!

WRITE LETTERS!!! If Nickelodeon keeps on getting letters about Danny Phantom and that we want him back, they might just think twice about keeping it canceled! Now there are 2 things NEVER to do when you are writing letters to a company about a canceled show! 1) NEVER EVER yell(capital letters), curse, be rude, mean, or threaten them by saying stuff like " I will NEVER EVER watch your station again if Danny Phantom is back on the air! 2) Leave the drama to the soap opera's! Don't say "Oh, I will just DIE if I never get to see Danny Phantom again! It might be true, but just leave that part out! You want your letter to be read by a network executive so be brief, be real. Write about how the show has become part of your life. The executives are TV fans too. They'll understand, and you'll make your point!

Here are the Mailing Addresses and Phone Numbers for New York, Florida, and California!

Nickelodeon 1515 Broadway
New York, NY  10036


 Nickelodeon Studios-Florida 1000 Universal Studios Place
Orlando, FL  32819


 Nickelodeon Animation Studios
231 West Olive Avenue
Burbank, CA  91502


 I would prefer that you write letters because they are more effective, but if you can not send them letters then just email them at Nicktoons@nick.com, or simply call them!


Have Some Cake!

Want a Danny Phantom cake for a special event? Maybe a Danny Phantom party or Birthday? Well, then contact Charm City Cakes and ask them to make a Danny Phantom Cake! And see if the DP Cake that they will make can be put onto the air! And be sure to tell them one of the main reason WHY you want the cake made...BECAUSE YOU LOVE DANNY PHANTOM!!! And tell them about how you were very sad and angry when you found out it was canceled! Then ask them (if they say yes to having your cake on the air) if maybe some point during the show they can talk about the cancelation of the show, and ask them to put the address of this website on the air? So that way Danny Phantom Fans EVERYWHERE will know about this site and the petition that I am making! If you would like to order a cake go to http://www.charmcitycakes.com/noflash/index.cfm?rd=faq That page will tell you all about ordering and pricing!